Editorial Team

Dave Sollberger

Dave has worked in the travel industry for the past 8 years, and loves nothing more than visiting new places with his wife and new daughter. Home is a village on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales but you will find him equally comfortable trekking in Africa, diving in the Far East, or beachcombing in Northumberland.  When he gets the time Dave tries to be a musician and will sometimes be found (or heard) in the shed at the bottom of the garden with a soldering iron in one hand and an ex-instrument in the other. One of his favourite aspects of any trip is the food; even across the UK finding the variation of different cooking and flavours in local pubs and restaurants is a real treat.

Andrew Hill

Andrew lives in West Yorkshire, with his wife and daughter and has worked in the holiday cottage industry for over 12 years. “Exploring new places and finding ‘secret’ corners of the world to spend my holidays” has always been a favourite pastime, which makes working with holiday cottage accommodation such an enjoyable thing for him. Andrew’s favourite holiday would have to be a trip to Bargemon in the South of France a few years ago.  “Not only was it a great base for exploring the beauty of the South of France, but you really get to fit in with the local way of life – you wouldn’t believe some of the things that go on in sleepy little towns! Hopefully these blog posts go some way to uncovering those local snippets of news that otherwise go unseen.”

Ben Webster

Ben lives in Lancashire and has been working as a Digital Editor and copywriter in the travel industry since September 2009, following a career in digital marketing and printed press. He likes nothing more than going on short city breaks with his wife and daughter. “There’s nothing like waking up in a different city and taking the time to soak up the unique sights, sounds and culture on offer.” When the weather’s nice, Ben also likes to head up to the Lakes to sample local food and ales under the pretence of ‘active exploration’. A keen blogger and writer, when not working on copy for websites and trying to come up with engaging social media ideas he’ll often be seen scratching his head in search of inspiration. “Thankfully, the UK and Europe offers plenty to write about.”

Daniel Leray

Daniel has worked in the travel industry for 7 years. He moved to the UK from France in 2002 and now resides in North Yorkshire. When not following Formula 1 or polishing his culinary skills he likes to explore the beauty of the surrounding area. “I love the countryside and for that reason, I like hiking, biking and walking. Long or short walks, sun or rain anything is good.” Thankfully Daniel’s unflappable demeanour to British weather means he intends to stay here for some time, which means he will continue to speclialise in stories about overseas destinations. “I am also trying to convince myself that camping is possible in the UK.” And while the jury is still out on that one, you’ll be the first to know on the cottages4you blog!

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